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James Island Charter High School Addition 

Charleston County School District   |   James Island, South Carolina

Two additions were made to the school. One comprised classrooms, art rooms with attached storage and kiln rooms, technology labs, restrooms and new stairwells to serve both the addition and existing building. A second addition enlarged the existing cafeteria.  It houses expanded cafeteria seating, a full stage, new seating, and related areas.  Also the existing gymnasium and locker rooms were renovated. The main corridors within the building were renovated and new lockers were installed. The band building was renovated.


The existing library received a new entry, new glazing and was reconfigured with new seating and shelving areas. Other areas such as the administrative and guidance suites were updated.Much of the building received new finishes in the form of paint, acoustical ceilings, tile and carpeting. The end result is a building more able to serve its growing community.

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