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Emergency Operations Center

Dorchester County   |   Summerville, South Carolina 

This project is for the design and construction of a new emergency operations center, and also includes a spatial needs assessment. The ever-increasing emergency needs and fast-paced growth of Dorchester County have demanded the need of construction of a new, state-of-the-art Emergency Operations and 9-1-1 Communications Center capable of safe and sustained operations
for providing effective direction and control in the management of emergencies. The construction will support improved communications and coordination assuring continuity of government/operations to provide citizens with basic needs and protecting lives and property. The new facility will be designed to meet seismic requirements, to endure the wind load of a Category 4-5 hurricane, to withstand a terrorist attack by bombing, and built energy-efficient with an innovative design of wall and roof
systems. The building will utilize ideas from the U.S. Green Building Council and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.
As new building will serve as the County Government Emergency Operations Center and the primary EOC and COMM Center for five (5) municipalities, a spatial needs assessment will be conducted before design phases to assess present and future needs of the facility.

The project was featured in a segment on ABC News 4. Check is out here!


Structural Engineer: ADC Engineering, Inc. 

MEP Engineer: RMF Engineering, Inc. 

Civil Engineer & Landscape Architect: SeamonWhiteside

Technology & Data Consultant: Mission Critical Partners

General Contractor: Brantley Construction Company

Commissioning Consultant: MBP

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