Due to increasing population growth and demand on the fire department, the Town of Mount Pleasant needs to enlarge an existing fire station to add a 3rd battalion. The existing undersized station has outdated systems and cannot support the needs of a modern fire house.


During construction to the existing facility, the station will operate out of temporary facilities. The temporary facilities includes PPE storage, an apparatus bay, and living quarters.


The existing station will be replaced with a new hurricane / seismic rated 3-bay station with 12 bunk rooms, day room, kitchen, fitness area, and support spaces. Designed with “hot/warm/cold zone” philosophies the station takes in to consideration carcinogen migration and provides decontamination areas for firefighters, clean/dirty gear storage, and mechanical systems to provide improved indoor air quality. The building is designed on earthquake drains and includes a 100% backup generator in the event of a disaster.

*Temporary Facilities Photograph Courtesy of Town of Mount Pleasant 

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