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Camp Road Middle School 

Charleston County School District   |   James Island, South Carolina 

Master Planning, Programming, and Design for a new 137,000 SF middle school. The school is designed for a maximum capacity of 1,200 students and includes the demolition of  an existing facility on the same site. Prior to development of the program RCA also provided the design for the renovation of an existing school to be used as a swing campus while this project is being constructed. The swing campus did not have the capacity to house all of the students who will attend the future Camp Road Middle School so a portable village was constructed for the sixth grade students. The six new classroom units were connected by a raised deck, instead of individual stairs, and ramps to give the sixth grade a better sense of community and also allow grouped access to the raised classrooms.

The new school will include classrooms for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, science labs, media center, cafeteria, gymnasium and locker rooms. An existing track at the rear of the site will be retained and upgraded.

Project Team: 

4SE: Structural Engineer

ADC Engineering, Inc.: Landscape Architect

Hussey Gay Bell: Civil Engineer

Owens & Associates, Inc.: Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer

Critical Systems Engineering: Electrical Engineer

Stewart Acoustical Consultants: Acoustician 

Camacho: Food Service Consultant

REI Engineers: Building Envelope Engineer

TQ Contractors, Inc.: General Contractor 

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